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Updates on Remote Meetings for CB 1

As many of you might have heard, Governor Hochul called the legislature into an emergency session to tackle a few extremely time sensitive issues surrounding evictions, remote meetings, and executive appointments. Our state delegation of elected officials heard our calls for assistance and reinstated the critical suspension of in-person requirements for the purposes of quorum until January 15, 2022. This means that we once again have the flexibility to choose the manner in which we meet to best protect our members and the public. This is not a blanket call to conduct remote-only meetings through the rest of the year, rather it is an important part of our toolkit moving forward to create safe access to meetings without forcing those with health issues into dangerous situations in order to fulfill their civic duty. The language of this law can be found here:

CB 1 will determine whether meetings will be remote or hybrid one month at a time. In September all meetings will be held remotely, and our agendas will reflect that fact by asking all attendees to use this site to access the remote event. As soon as it is safer to do so, CB 1 will resume conducting hybrid meetings where members and the public are welcome to join in person, but are not obligated to do so for the sake of quorum. Future hybrid meetings will allow members to contribute to quorum remotely and we will absolutely respect the decision of any member or public member to do so. It bears repeating that the current decision to conduct remote-only meetings is only for the month of September at this point. Any questions about the upcoming meetings should go to CB 1 District Manager, Lucian Reynolds at

Step 1: Sign in so we have a record of you joining us. This is important for all who join our meetings regardless of whether you are in-person or remote.



Step 2: Join Remotely Through WebEx:

10/18 Environmental Protection Committee Meeting - 6:00 PM

This meeting is best experienced using the WebEx software for Mac OS, Windows, iOS, or Android. The following link should automatically launch your webex software if it is installed and configured. There is a secondary in-browser viewer, which may be preferable to calling in.

Access meeting by clicking here on the day and time of the meeting <---This is the link to join tonight's meetings!

If you wish to access the meeting using the meeting code and password, the information is here:

Meeting code/ID: 2331 498 4993 password "mcb1" without the quotes.

To phone into the meeting, see below.

+1-408-418-9388 Access code: 2331 498 4993

Press *3 to raise your hand if you are dialing in through the phone.

All CB 1 meetings are uploaded to our YouTube page. Please subscribe for notifications when new meetings are ready. Here is the Full Board meeting from last month:

Upcoming Meetings

10/19 Waterfront, Parks & Cultural Committee – 6:00 PM

10/20 Executive Committee – 6:00 PM

10/21 Quality of Life & Service Delivery Committee – 6:00 PM

Download the WebEx Meetings Client

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Viewing the meeting without the WebEx Meetings Client

Test Events and Troubleshooting

Opportunities to test your home configuration of WebEx are listed below. At the bottom of this page you will find a link for how to download WebEx software to your computer or smart phone. We recommend using the Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android software for these meetings as the experience is enhanced over using the browser version. That said, we encourage all to attend no matter which version of WebEx you end up using. It is also possible to call in to WebEx from your cell phone or your land line. If you are having problems with using your computer and the WebEx software, please try to use the "Join by browser" option or by using a smart phone or tablet to join the meeting, if you have one available. If all of these options are not available to you, the call-in option will provide you with a real-time audio-only point of access to the meeting.